Welcome to the World of Art Gallery Fabrics ®


Our Story begins with Pat Bravo’s strong connection with fabrics, as her mother always sewed beside her since she was a little girl. She wanted to paint her world with fabrics and began hand painting fabric. Before she knew it, Pat had made a gallery with her art quilts displayed all over her house! Her son, Alex, called it an “Art Gallery”, and so, she and her husband Walter, made the decision to turn this passion into a company. Years later with non-stop work and perseverance, their vision became reality, bringing to you what Art Gallery Fabrics® is today.

“Starting from our house and garage, we poured our hearts and souls into this company and it feels so rewarding to see it flourish! It’s with a lot of pride that we realized that we could achieve our original idea of creating such a unique and special company. We never saw it 100% as a business, but as a way to express ourselves creatively and connect sewists all around the world. We love it when we see makers create beautiful projects with our fabrics and that we can be a part of their everyday lives, o—such a joy!”
– Pat Bravo

Since 2004, our headquarters in sunny Florida kept getting larger and larger as our AGF team grew. The magic began as the AGF team became a family, tightly knit and woven, just like our fabrics! Where our team shares the same passion for bringing creative ideas to life and is constantly pushing the limits to transmit to our community of makers. We also have the pleasure of working with talented fabric designers who create enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints that make our collections one of a kind.

At Art Gallery Fabrics®, we aspire for the best, from creation to delivery with reliable quality, and top customer service. We believe strongly in the quality of the fabric that is transcended in our superior thread count and fine weave, our mills uphold sustainable printing methods and are OEKO-TEX certified (inks with low environmental impact).

We can’t thank you enough for the constant support from our retailers from all over the world who supply our fabrics directly to your local quilt and fabric shops, and to the makers, quilters and creators that believe in our brand and trust our fabrics; as we constantly strive to bring you the best in everything we create so that you can #feelthedifference.