Fabric Collections by AGF

Here you’ll find our full selection of AGF fabric collections designed by our talented fabric designers and in-house team. Whether you are looking for a more traditional print or something more modern, our fabric collections have something for every style. We invite you to explore our collections to find your favorite. All of the AGF fabric collections have prints that coordinate with each other to make fabric matching for your quilting and sewing projects easier. Find all the prints you love at your local quilting shop or buy the fabrics online.
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Explore all the Fabric Collections

Wild Forgotten by Bonnie Christine
This collection tries to reignite the use of words once forgotten.
Twenty by Katarina Roccella
Katarina’s love for design has led her to celebrate her 20th fabric collection.
Onward & Upward by Jessica Swift
Embracing the experience of self-discovery and the beautiful nature of life.
Bookish by Sharon Hollad
The delightful moments of drinking a cup of tea, reading a book in a cozy quilt.
Flannel Fabrics
The softest, cozier flannel in the industry is now from AGF!
Cozy & Magical by Maureen Cracknell
Maureen is back to bring in festive cheer with her collection.
Plaid of my Dreams by Maureen Cracknell
Maureen’s plaid of her dreams comes back in more cozy colors.
Vert Fusion by AGF
Experience tranquility with Vert Fusion, our low volume print collection.
Eve by Bari J.
Eve represents the beautiful qualities of being a woman.
Spooky ‘n Sweeter by AGF Studio.
Spooky ‘n Sweet just got a little sweeter for this collection!
Boscage by Katarina Roccella
Escape to the exotic island of Borneo through Katarina’s painted prints.
Sunburst by AGF Studio
Transport yourself straight into a 1960’s mid-summer paradise!
Open Heart by Maureen Cracknell
Open Heart collection celebrates love and beauty in everyone’s uniqueness.
Oh, Woof by Jessica Swift
Celebrate the joyful energy that dogs bring into our world.
Lilliput by Sharon Holland
Lilliput observes the natural world through a child’s imagination.
Andina by AGF Studio
Travel to western South America in our collection, Andina!
Velvet by Amy Sinibaldi
Velvet is about the luxury of home, the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones.
Soften The Volume by AGF Studio
Modern prints meet sophisticated neutrals, giving low volume a new twist.
Pollinate by Jessica Swift
Pollinate is the story where birds sing, and flowers bloom.
The Flower Society by AGF Studio
Fulfill your floral addiction with The Flower Society by AGF Studio.
Homebody by Maureen Cracknell
Homebody celebrates the unspoken magic of being home.
Little Forester by AGF
Discover curious creatures along the way with Little Forester.
Aquarelle by Katarina Roccella
Katarina’s ode to her favorite style of painting, watercolor.
Luna & Laurel by AGF Studio
Walk by the stars and a sky drawn with flowers in this mystical world.
Kismet by Sharon Holland
Kismet aligns hand-drawn florals and paisley in this rich autumnal collection.
Snow Day by Mister Domestic
Step into a winter wonderland with this collection by Mister Domestic.
Picturesque by Katarina Roccella
Picturesque embodies 19th-century European designs.
Serenity Fusion by AGF
Take a breath of fresh air with these low volume prints.
Daydream by Patty Basemi
Step into Patty’s childhood, where her daydreams became reality.
Hooked by Mister Domestic
The handmade beauty created with yarn and playful block patterns.
Cozy & Joyful by Maureen Cracknell
Cozy & Joyful celebrates the magical moments of Christmas.
Terra Kotta by AGF Studio
Nature’s desert sunsets glow through in our Terra Kotta collection.
Flowerette by AGF Studio
Bring the garden into your home with delicate and cheerful florals.
Trouvaille by AGF Studio
A windfall of eclectic and bold geometric lines enhanced by opulent florals.
Pacha Capsule by AGF Studio
Deep in the southwest, we enter the whimsical world of Pacha.
Spooky n Sweet by AGF Studio
Spooky ‘n Sweet is all about celebrating the magic of Halloween!
365 Fifth Ave by Bari J.
Embellished with eye-catching florals mixed with midcentury geometrics.
Rosewood Fusion by AGF
Embracing the Danish “Hygge” concept of being present in the moment.
Marrakesh Fusion by AGF
Transport to an exotic escape where evocative colors awaken the senses.
Her and History by Bonnie Christine
Her & History was inspired by stories and memories from our elders.
Hello Sunshine by Katie Skoog
Feel the warmth of the coastal sun in Katie’s latest collection!
Oh Meow! by Jessica Swift
This collection celebrates all the things our feline friends love the most.
Mayfair by Amy Sinibaldi
Amy sketched the flower-filled neighborhoods that surrounded her beloved hotel in Mayfair.
Foresta Fusion by AGF
An enchanting forest that awakens at dusk, when woodland animals come out.
Ballerina Fusion by AGF
Low volume with a delicate twist, blush tones and subtle textures.
Earthen by Katarina Roccella
Inspired by the nature that surrounds and inspires us daily.
Playroom by Mister Domestic
Mathew created a dream playroom full of inspiration for kids of all ages!
Pine Lullaby Rediscovered by AGF Studio
Now your favorite woodland animals from Pine Lullaby are available in cotton!
Knits Spotted by AGF Studio
Knits Spotted fabrics is perfect for a myriad of garments!
Spirited by Sharon Holland
Spirited is a collection with an attitude as big and bold as the Midwest prairie.
Meriwether by AGF Studio
Inspired by folkloric and stitching motifs, you’ll discover flowers, rabbits and june bugs.
Maara by Alexandra Bordallo
While touring the African Savanna, Alexandra captured various wildlife on her own camera.
Enchanted Voyage by Maureen Cracknell
Set sail on a whimsical journey with Maureen’s Enchanted Voyage.
Kushukuru by Jessica Swift
“Kushukuru” means gratitude which became the heart of this collection.
Selva by AGF Studio
Earth inspires us with its playful creatures and extensive foliage in Selva.
Nuncia by Pat Bravo
A tribute to Pat’s mother’s life and the amazing lessons she left for her daughters.
Floralish by Katarina Roccella
Inspired by a warm summer’s day that’s filled with delectable fruits and stunning flora.
Dew & Moss by Alexandra Bordallo
Dew & Moss play on a meadow with orange flowers and green-faced gnome boys.
Catch & Release by Mister Domestic
Mathew illustrates the place where his family goes to fish and enjoy nature.
The Open Road by Bonnie Christine
Inspired by a month long trip living in her family’s vintage camper.
Merry and Bright
Curated prints from our designers in a holiday-inspired collection.
Bloomsbury by Bari J.
A free verse of painterly prints, Bloomsbury is an ode to artists and writers.
Pure Solids by AGF Studio
The purest hues meet Art Gallery Fabrics’ soft hand and superior quality.
Everlasting by Sharon Holland
Everlasting celebrates promises of love, marriage and family traditions.
Mystical Land by Maureen Cracknell
Inspired by mythology, fairy tales, astrology and dreams, Maureen invites you on a journey.
Summer Side by Dana Willard
Dana shares her love of color and novelty flair with designs that will make you smile.
Sisu by AGF Studio
Illustrated children playing with primary shapes and colours inspire adventure.
West Palm by Katie Skoog
Candid flamingos and seashore-infused motifs celebrate the coastal lifestyle.
Pine Lullaby by AGF Studio
Little furry creatures like foxes and otters etch their way through a black and white forest.
Lugu by Jessica Swift
The forest wakes and magically sleeps in this day-dreamy, sleep-dreamy collection.
Icon Elements by AGF Studio
Icon celebrates the beauty of simplified symbols and icons.
Decostitch Elements by AGF Studio
Decostitch! A modern blender made for all stitch lovers!
Rayon Striped by AGF Studio
A dream of softness, our AGF rayon is 100% natural and perfect for your best apparel sewing.
Matchmade by Pat Bravo
Pat Bravo’s new line of special blenders is a match made in maker’s heaven.
Grid by Katarina Roccella
From wing scales in butterflies to city streets and tiny image pixels, Grid is everywhere.
Sun Kissed by Maureen Cracknell
Sun Kissed is glowing skin after a cool swim, a puppy’s joyful bandana and colorful pool tiles.
Silkroad Fusion by AGF
Black, white and red define the elegant florals and geometrics in this collection.
Art District Fusion by AGF
Bright colors and eye-catching designs bring the streets of Art District alive.
Legendary by Pat Bravo
Legendary tells the story of Pat’s best-selling designs brought together by her use of color.
Sonata by Amy Sinibaldi
Inspired by the music of Beethoven, playful window boxes and symphony instruments.
Aura by Mister Domestic
Island memories from an adventure to Hawaii with his daughter guided Matthew’s creation.
Little Clementine by AGF Studio
Delicate blooms adorn Miss Ditzy’s neighborhood in warm autumn tones and icy blue breeze.
Virtuosa by Bari J.
Bold floral prints are mixed with harmonious geometrics symbolizing the arc of a story.
Trinkets Fusion by AGF
Trinkets carries the essence of often overlooked treasures from grandma’s attic.
Rainforest Fusion by AGF
Rainforest gathers vibrant jungle leaves and flowers to create a lush and exotic paradise.
Autumn Vibes by Maureen Cracknell
Cozy shades of honey, pumpkin and eggplant enliven this forest where foxes and squirrels live.
Decadence by Katarina Roccella
Decadence embodies the Rococo spirit with peacocks, lush florals and stylish geometrics.
Stargazer by AGF Studio
Stargazer is a playful and imaginative journey where friends gather to explore the universe.
Craftbound by AGF Studio
Craftbound celebrates traditional skills by illustrating tapestries, mosaics and embroidery.
Gathered by Bonnie Christine
Gathered was inspired by finding joy in the simplest things.
Sirena by Jessica Swift
Blue and purple reign in this underwater queendom.
Sparkler Fusion by AGF
Twinkling with delicate winter motifs and joyous metallic lights form Sparkler.
Signature by Sharon Holland
The natural world is set into patterns in Sharon’s signature hand-drawn style.
Loved to Pieces by Mister Domestic
With the wind of his daughter Helena’s love at his back, Matthew created Loved To Pieces.
Flower Child by Maureen Cracknell
Hidden amongst mother earth’s beauty lives the Flower Child.
Mediterraneo by Katarina Roccella
Exotic fruits and flowers will bring you to a Mediterranean paradise.
Indigo & Aster by Bari J.
Indigo & Aster brings together animal friends crowned in blooming florals.
Printemps Fusion by AGF Studio
Spring blooms will surround your sewing room all year long with Printemps Fusions.
Splendid Fusion by AGF Studio
Bold florals combined with subtle brushstrokes create the artistic elegance of Splendid Fusions.
Tallinn by Jessica Swift
Jessica’s travels through Eastern Europe bring to life Tallinn.
Day Trip by Dana Willard
. Dana takes us on a colorful adventure through her home state.
Raise the Volume by AGF Studio
Crisp lines, abstract shapes, and eccentric typography by AGF Studio.
Campsite by AGF Studio
Joyous thoughts of marshmallows and curious woodland creatures come to life in Campsite!
Striped Knits by AGF Studio
Our wide selection of Knits Striped fabrics is perfect for a myriad of garments!
Aligned by AGF Studio
The simple idea of lines has been taken to the next level with Aligned.
Nest by AGF Studio
Sweet sayings and imagery reminiscent of childhood come together in Nest.
Love Story by Maureen Cracknell
Colorful bouquets and dainty birds give the collection a heartwarming feel.
Dollhouse by Amy Sinibaldi
Amy welcomes you to the whimsical miniature house of her imagination with Dollhouse.
City Loft Fusion by AGF
Bold and eccentric prints come together to bring you metropolitan chic fabrics.
Floralia Fusion by AGF
The beauty of nature’s flora has blossomed in Floralia Fusions.
Esoterra by Katarina Roccella
Esoterra brings to life an extinct luscious land where beautiful and exotic creatures roamed.
Indie Folk by Pat Bravo
This collection expresses a visual story of Pat’s love for folklore and the world around her.
Wild Bloom by Bari J.
Wild Bloom is an expression of Bari J’s endless love for flowers.
Lambkin by Bonnie Christine
Inspired by Bonnie’s love for her little ones, she illustrates this playful yet delicate collection.
Blush by Dana Willard
Dana shares her love for retro-modern design through flowers, cute cats, and modern shapes.
Woodlands Fusion by AGF
Woodlands Fusions brings to life an eclectic romance with a fresh selection of florals.
Spices Fusion by AGF
Lush florals and subtle geometrics come together to enchant in Spices Fusions.
Reverie Fusion by AGF
Get lost in your daydreams with the blissful shades in Reverie Fusions!
Bachelorette Fusion by AGF
Vivid florals are paired with hand drawn elements to create feminine sophistication.
Vintage Chic by AGF Studio
Vintage sophistication is given a modern twist in this delicate bite size collection.
Little Town by Amy Sinibaldi
Nestled deep within a forest of pines a Little Town evokes the joy and peace of winter.
Soulful by Maureen Cracknell
Inspired by family mementos, pieces of nature, handmade goods and vintage finds.
Arizona After by April Rhodes
April revisits the warmth and magic of the southwestern spirit with Arizona After.
Heritage by April Rhodes
A visual narrative that brings together memories and mementos from April’s roots.
Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo
Pat’s love for faraway influences and bohemian style come to life in Indie Bohème.
Inblue by Katarina Roccella
History and culture come to life in an interplay of blue hues.
Charleston by Amy Sinibaldi
Amy translates the Southern charm as she welcomes you to Charleston.
Les Petits by Amy Sinibaldi
A selection of simple and timeless basics designed by Amy to coordinate with her designs.
Bountiful by Sharon Holland
Bountiful celebrates the beauty and natural resources of the vast countryside.
Bite size collections featuring prints from AGF designers arranged in conceptual themes.
A world where the best textile trends have been encapsulated with our amazing quality.
Designed by Dana Willard
A combination of vibrant colors and modern designs with Mexican touch.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Delicate hues and prints combined on a collection that inspires joy and happiness.
Designed by Bari J.
Bari J. style arise on this collection focusing on the flora and fauna of the Southwest region.
Designed by Maureen Cracknell
A botanical collection that uses sweet bouquets, dainty blooms with a splash of luminous colors.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Warm colors and misty blues transition into nature’s landscapes and forest creatures.
Designed by Sew Caroline
A city chic collection full of vibrant colors, beautiful murals and, modern florals.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Pat’s signature flowers and delicate homey designs arise on this collection.
Designed by AGF Studio
The beauty of sophistication connected with the perfect amount of simplicity.
Designed by Maureen Cracknell
Inspired by the luminous colors and rich fauna perceived as the day fades away.
Designed by April Rhodes
A collection that combines man-made and naturally occurring objects.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Inspired by the sweetness of swans and garden blooms.
Designed by Amy Sinibaldi
Soft colors and multiple shades work together on this playful collection.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Bold and graphic prints collection inspired after color of pandas.
Designed by Bari J.
Bari J. combines her signature style with abundant vibrant gem colors.
Designed by Sharon Holland
Earthy tones mixture of traditional designs and modern graphics.
Designed by Dana Willard
Colorful colors and geometric figures make up this vibrant collection.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Opulent, overflowing petals make up this flower scented collection.
Designed by AGF Studio
Pastel color prints and a mixture of inspirational relics found in thrifting.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Three tonal color stories with Pat’s signature patterns.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Bonnie creates a world where dreams of a magical place come to life.
Designed by Caroline Hulse/Sew Caroline
A conversation between the art-covered streets and a colorful mind.
Designed by AGF Studio
The quintessential american fabric has been reinvented!
Designed by AGF Studio
This collection narrates a story of innocent and up-beat lyrics.
Designed by Sharon Holland
Time to let the sails be guided by the winds of this sea-inspired collection.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
A simultaneous explosion of color & geometric shapes.
Designed by Maureen Cracknell
A bohemian-meets-romantic edge, featuring a range of deep colored florals.
Designed by Amy Sinibaldi
Amy’s love for books comes to life in this sweet collection.
Designed by AGF Studio
Our Round Elements are a perfect match for all of our collections.
Designed by Bari J.
Inspired by her grandmother, Millie, to whom she was very close to as a child.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Travel to a time decorated with pieces of Pop art and clean bold shapes.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Katarina’s collection inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Succulents represent the ability to thrive and constantly create new growth.
Designed by AGF Studio
Energetic strokes in saturated colors add to this sugarcoated palette.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Artisan is a mix of etching florals, wood carving and denim rustic textures.
Designed by April Rhodes
Bound sprung from April’s love of collecting & making woven wall hangings.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Imprint brings together several of Katarina’s favorite colors and neutrals.
Designed by Sharon Holland
Sketchbook pages emerge to life with swirling doodles and nature-study drawings.
Designed by Jeni Baker
A collection inspired by the many small wonders in life.
Designed by Bari J.
Kind-hearted and free spirited, Anna Elise, her daughter.
Designed by Sew Caroline
Happy Home sketches are blissfully mixed with vibrant colors.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Traditional floral patterns are reimagined with an earthy, artful romance.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Take in an exotic elegance with a graphic edge and dreamy feel.
Designed by Sara Lawson
Fantasia is Sara Lawson’s take on her favorite childhood cartoon film.
Designed by Leah Duncan
Leah translates favorite sights from her neighborhood into vibrant designs.
Designed by April Rhodes
World travel and ancient craft come together to form Wanderer.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
We have materialized our love to create, and given life to our Maker collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
A collection that captures the ethnic expression through a medley of etchings.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
This collection inspires all to see the outdoors through a new set of eyes.
Designed by Sharon Holland
A fresh, vintage breeze breathes life into Gossamer.
Designed by Bari J.
Petal & Plume Fabric Collection centers on the majestic peacock.
Designed by Katarina Roccella.
An homage to the centuries and evolution of textile craftwork.
Designed by Maureen Cracknell
Kick off your shoes and lose yourself in an adventure close to home.
Designed by Katy Jones
A collection layered by scenic surprises and narrated with a British accent.
Designed by Frances Newcombe
This fabric collection takes you on a journey to an idealistic society.
Designed by Angela Walters
Athena combines swirls and curves with classic Greek architecture.
Designed by Jeni Baker
A blissful collection of folk inspired florals and edgy geometric prints.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
Submerge yourself in this pedaling adventure with Cleta.
Designed by Leah Duncan
With an elegant palette, Gramercy captures the magic of the city.
Designed by Frances Newcombe
Cherie is a romantic collection reflecting the lifestyle of a young jetsetter.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Capture the first sightings of a butterfly and wake up to the birds chirping.
Designed by Caroline Hulse/Sew Caroline
A feminine depiction of all things happy and sweet.
Designed by Katarina Roccella
Somewhere between magic and reality is an Indelible world.
Designed by Sara Lawson
A sprawling, natural world emerges within the energy of a concrete city.
Designed by Bari J.
Inspired by Bari J’s daughters, Emmy Grace reminisces on their childhoods.
Designed by April Rhodes
The fantasy of a traveling nomad is etched with shades of gold and peach.
Designed by Pat Bravo
This vintage-inspired collection invites you to connect the past and future.
Designed by Jeni Baker
Cheerful florals and cool geometrics play together in this fun collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Pat’s most versatile prints come together in trendy yet timeless palettes.
Designed by Angela Walters
Drift to a tropical paradise and leave your worries behind.
Designed by AGF Studio
Delicate prints evolve into rich florals with this rejuvenating collection.
Designed by Leah Duncan
Fresh air & meadows with vast hills meet to tell a summer story.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
Sweet musings & darling bunnies that capture child-like innocence.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Explore nature, where birds fly free & the honey is extra sweet.
Designed by Frances Newcombe
Explore the African safari where the moon casts a magical glow.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Be fearless! Be bold! Wear your heart on your sleeve with this bright collection!
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
A compilation of your favorite Art Gallery all-around prints.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
MODERN. SIMPLE. GEOMETRIC.Four tonal color stories of trendy patterns.
Designed by Angela Walters
Inspired by the legacy bestowed by her Grandpa, a collection of quilted designs.
Designed by Leah Duncan
Collection inspired by Nevada’s vast landscape with folk florals & bold colors.
Designed by Jeni Baker
Fall deep into the Scandinavian countryside with this sweet florals & geometrics.
Designed by Bonnie Christine
Inspired by simple moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty.
Designed by Bari J.
A collection from the imagined life of a traveling free spirit and her caravan.
Designed by Sarah Watson
Sweet little boys & girls are invited to explore the wilderness & its friends.
Designed by Angela Walters
Inspired by machine quilting designs with a bright and bold palette.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
An modern fabric collection of aqua & mauve that inspires you to create.
Designed by Jeni Baker
A retro-inspired collection with bright, fresh colors and bold prints.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Flower Power! Peace & Love! This is the signature of this colorful line!
Designed by Sarah Watson
An organic and natural collection intertwined with graphic geometrics.
Designed by Bari J.
A modern mix of florals and art deco inspired by the high society of the 1920s.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
Cottage style gets redefined in this flower-infused collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Girly Girl turns into Wild Child in this daring collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
“Back to the roots” beauty with globally-inspired prints in an eclectic palette.
Designed by Bari J.
A romantic, French-inspired collection of lush gardens with exotic florals.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
An exotic bright mix of rich colors and ethnic prints.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
Poetica- A melody of delicate prints and enticing colors.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Get swept away by this naive, romantic collection by Pat Bravo.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Scandinavian prints in bright and cool tones by Pat Bravo.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
A sophisticated, English-inspired collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
A magical mix of exotic florals in hypnotic colors.
Designed by Pat Bravo
An artful pairing of tribal and bold floral prints.
Designed by Pat Bravo
An elegant Moroccan inspired collection.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
Liberty-like prints in soft, girly palettes.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
A modern and delightful look with soft tones.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Seductive prints with a Parisian flair.
Designed by Pat Bravo
An intricate collection with a vintage feel.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
An earthy, organic style with a vibrant twist.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Retro-pop prints in alluring candy colors.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Art Nouveau prints in two luscious palettes.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Dress your little ones with this romantic collection.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
An elegant array of oriental-inspired prints.
Designed by Pat Bravo
A vibrant take on the original Alhambra collection.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Soothing colors to lift up your spirit.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Inspired by the beauty found in nature.
Designed by AGF In-House Studio
A refreshing splash of playful shapes and juicy colors.
Designed by Pat Bravo
An exquisite mix of Eastern inspired prints in fun colors.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Oriental typography prints in a hand-stamped metallic look.
Designed by Pat Bravo
An imaginary trip to India with exotic florals and scrolls.
Designed by Pat Bravo
A romantic collection for all Shabby Chic lovers.
Designed by Pat Bravo
A concept similar to Feelings I in a chocolate palette with soft greens and blues.
Designed by Pat Bravo
Motivational and uplifting quotes in a luscious berry palette.