Alegría means happiness in Spanish, her native language. The colors in her bundle are inspired by a specific happiness: the feeling she gets when she travels to the Dominican Republic, where she was born and raised. It’s the warmth of the sun, breathing fresh air, and being surrounded by the people and places she loved growing up. Everything feels brighter and colors are more vibrant. She feels embraced by her home—just like a warm quilt.

Vickeidy Plybon is the creator behind Sewspicious. She is a high school Spanish teacher and a fourth-generation sewist; her mother studied fashion design and had a well-established custom clothing business in the Dominican Republic before their family immigrated to the United States. Vickeidy didn’t start sewing until late into her 20s, but she fell in love with quilting and started designing her own patterns in 2022. She lives in NYC with her husband, Kevin, and their two-year-old daughter, Minerva.