“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.”

I’ve been quilting and sewing clothing, crafts, and home accessories for over thirty years. While raising three children with my husband, I owned a small business selling new and repurposed merchandise. That venture provided me with constant creative challenges for how to reuse, display, and market everyday items. A move to a new state meant closing my business, but opened new doors by reconnecting me with art and photography.

I dusted off my paintbrushes and camera lenses and began selling my canvases in galleries and photos as greeting card designs. “One road always leads to another,” and the natural progression was to turn my art into textiles. Designing four collections for a fabric company and appearing in numerous quilting magazines with both my textiles and quilt designs, brought about a career in the magazine industry as an Assistant Editor, graphic designer and photographer. Even though I am interested in knowing and working in every aspect of the quilting and sewing industry, my heart is in design—especially textile design. After two plus years as an Assistant Editor, it was time to find my artist’s voice again. I set to work drawing and creating a group of prints–something I would like to sew with. Joining the Art Gallery Fabrics ® family of talented designers brings my life full circle, infusing my design aesthetic with the creative artistry behind Pat Bravo’s credo to bring beautiful prints on quality fabric to life. I feel I’ve come home.







Sharon’s greatest design strength is effortlessly mixing the vintage with the modern. She admits the process is similar to choosing old, and new fabrics from her scrap basket and assembling them into a quilt. This resulting twist creates a look in her designs that is timeless and easy.


Flora and fauna enchant charming forests and dreamy castles in Willow.
Nature’s promise and renewal remind us to keep glowing, growing, and SHINE ON!
The delightful moments of drinking a cup of tea, reading a book in a cozy quilt.
Lilliput observes the natural world through a child’s imagination.


Kismet aligns hand-drawn florals and paisley in this rich autumnal collection.
Spirited is a collection with an attitude as big and bold as the Midwest prairie.
Everlasting celebrates promises of love, marriage and family traditions.
The natural world is set into patterns in Sharon’s signature hand-drawn style.


Bountiful celebrates the beauty and natural resources of the vast countryside.
Earthy tones mixture of traditional designs and modern graphics.
Time to let the sails be guided by the winds of this sea-inspired collection.
Sketchbook pages emerge to life with swirling doodles and nature-study drawings.


A fresh, vintage breeze breathes life into Gossamer.