Katy is a quilter with a passion for fashion and interiors. She lives in a small village in the North of England with her husband, two children, two cats and a very small dog.

Her obsession with quilting happened around 2008 but her love of fabric began as a child. She admits the discovery of quilting unleashed the fabric hoarding demons inside of her!

She loves the traditions of quilting, the history and the stories behind the creations. For Katy, quilting is about the communities created, the shared love of fabric and sewing, the joy of making and of gifting homemade.
Katy has authored two books with Martingale and contributed to many others as well as working on the editorial team of a UK based quilting magazine.





Recognized UK quilter and blogger, Katy Jones brings authentic designs that are true to their roots.


A collection layered by scenic surprises and narrated with a British accent.