“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O´Keeffe

I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, where I live with my husband, who is Italian, and our three kids that are the true inspiration for my work. I have a Masters degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts, and have started on my PhD thesis in Applied Arts and Design, through which I get to explore even more within the fields of painting, graphic and textile design.

I was raised in an artistic family, so being “crafty” and creative is something that kept me company since my early childhood. My father is a painter, my mother is a ceramic pottery artist, and my sister is a production designer. Growing up in such environment, I often had opportunities to create and design and have continued throughout my life with an array of mediums like drawing, illustrating, calligraphy, graphic design, linoleum printing, photography, and more recently, sewing. I find inspiration everywhere and I love taking many pictures of things that move me, either by their shape, texture or color.

When I took the role of a mother, I found I had very limited time to dedicate to art. So, being home often and with a need to create, I discovered the world of fabric. I began to sew after repairing my mother’s vintage sewing machine and soon upgraded to a Serger. The first results were encouraging, pushing me forward to try more complicated techniques and garment pieces. In a few short years, I was led to drawing and making my own patterns after much practice with making unique and fun pieces of clothes for my daughter. My pattern label, “Like Flowers and Butterflies”, was born in 2006. Lately I am lured by quilts and quilting. I love making quilt blocks and having made a few quilts on my own has given me the desire to try and experiment much more in this field. I blog about my creative adventures at Like Flowers and Butterflies.






Dynamic and beautifully abstract, Katarina’s point of view is that of a true artist. Her prints have an undeniable edge and boldness that will lure you into a world of magic.


Get swept away by a seascape of prints in shades of blue, parchment, apricot & tawny tan.
Effortlessly cool in mineral shades, these subtle blenders are truly timeless.
Wander through enchanted woodlands and blossoming meadows inspired by nature.
Enter Katarina Roccella’s point of view as an artist with a hint of exotic charm.


Prepare for a sightseeing venture through the stunning island of Capri.
Katarina’s love for design has led her to celebrate her 20th fabric collection.
Escape to the exotic island of Borneo through Katarina’s painted prints.
Katarina’s ode to her favorite style of painting, watercolor.


Picturesque embodies 19th-century European designs.
Inspired by a warm summer’s day that’s filled with delectable fruits and stunning flora.
Inspired by the nature that surrounds and inspires us daily.
From wing scales in butterflies to city streets and tiny image pixels, Grid is everywhere.


Inspired by a warm summer’s day, delectable fruits and stunning flora.
Exotic fruits and flowers will bring you to a Mediterranean paradise.
Esoterra brings to life an extinct luscious land where beautiful and exotic creatures roamed.
History and culture come to life in an interplay of blue hues.


Warm colors and misty blues transition into nature’s landscapes and forest creatures.
Bold and graphic prints collection inspired after color of pandas.
Opulent, overflowing petals make up this flower scented collection.
A simultaneous explosion of color & geometric shapes.


Fabric Collection inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Imprint brings together several of Katarina’s favorite colors and neutrals.
Take in an exotic elegance with a graphic edge and dreamy feel.
An homage to the centuries and evolution of textile craft work.


Somewhere between magic and reality is an Indelible world.