Frequently asked questions


How can I become a Art Gallery retailer?

If you would like to apply to purchase Art Gallery’s fabrics wholesale, please click here and fill out the form on the page to register.

How can I gain access to the wholesale section of the Art Gallery website?

First, you must be a current Art Gallery retailer, manufacturer, or distributor to gain full access to AGF Wholesale. If you are a current customer, you can click here or you can hover over the “Where to Buy” tab and click “Wholesale.”

Can I use Art Gallery’s fabrics in children’s wear?

Our fabrics are not flame-proof and are not intended for sleepwear. If you wish to use our fabrics as sleepwear, you must add a flame retardant finish before use.

Can I make kits out of your patterns with fabrics?

Yes! It would be a great merchandising technique and a great way to sell fabric. Please feel free to utilize any of our free quilting and sewing patterns to make kits for your store. Hover over the “Free Patterns” tab on the menu to select your choice of “Free Quilting” or “Free Sewing” patterns.

Can I make patterns into models for my store to help sell patterns?

Of course! And we thank you for doing so!

Can I download images from Art Gallery’s site to display in my store or on my website?

If you would like to use images from our site for promotional purposes, that would be great! We provide inspirational booklets that are made specifically for promoting collections. Hover over the “Inspiration” tab on the menu to access the “Booklets” section and click on your favorite collection to download the booklet and print to showcase in your shop. If you would like to use images of our designers and collections, please check in with us at [email protected] for approval. We can also email you jpeg files of products and swatches if that helps.