Art Gallery Fabrics ®

We are a leading Manufacturer of Sewing & Quilting Cotton Fabric, and a Wholesale Supplier to Quilting, Home Decor, Sewing, and Apparel Industries. Many describe our style as “Contemporary Elegant” & we feel that description fits. We love to design fabrics that fit today’s modern lifestyle while adding a chic, sophisticated touch to the textile industry. When it comes to designing a collection we always keep originality & uniqueness on the top of our list. We work with a talented design team whose enticing colors and intricate prints make our collections one of a kind. Art Gallery Fabrics ® designs fabrics that keep up with ongoing trends & encourages our customers to use new colors outside their comfort zone. Art Gallery Fabrics ® is certified by Oeko-Tex. Our fabrics, like cotton, knits, voile and canvas are free from harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

At Art Gallery Fabrics ® we believe strongly in the quality of the fabric. That is transcended in our fine weave and superior thread count in the textile industry. Because of that, our premium cotton is as soft and smooth you can get. You really feel the difference with just one touch. Feel free to browse through all the substrates we currently offer:

100% PREMIUM quilting cotton – the favorite substrate for all modern quilters.
Jersey Knit fabric – soft and stretchy, perfect for garment makers.
Voile and Rayon – two substrates that are soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable – ideal for lightweight garments.
Canvas fabric – durable and sturdy for structured projects and upholstery yet soft enough for garments.
Denim fabric – The reinvention of a quintessential American fabric through a variety of textures, prints, and weights. One of most versatile substrates for apparel and home decor.