Wildflower Hill Bundle represents the verdant renewal of springtime in the Texas Hill Country, bringing a profusion of wildflowers that transform the previously barren and dull rolling fields into a vast and vibrant landscape of different colors. These fields are chameleon-like and have the ability to change their appearance overnight, creating a new spectacle for those who behold them.

Christina West is the face behind Kindred Quilt Co , a company specializing in quilting and pattern design. She is a full-time quilter and pattern designer who resides in the DFW area with her husband, son, cat, and dog. Christina is passionate about expressing herself through her craft, and her love for colors is evident in her work.

Christina’s journey into quilting started about nine years ago when she was pregnant with her son. Although she had no sewing experience, she was determined to create baby bedding for him. Her grandmother gifted her a vintage Singer 401a, and after spending countless hours learning from YouTube and tutorials, she created her first quilt. From then on, Christina has been making all kinds of quilts, including nursery bedding, t-shirt quilts, and custom throws on commission.

In 2020, Christina started designing her own quilt patterns, and in 2022, she published her first quilt pattern. She loves pattern writing, as it allows her to express her creativity in a new and artistic way. Christina draws inspiration from her childhood memories and the stunning scenery of central Texas. She incorporates a lot of color into her designs, which brings her joy and happiness.

With Kindred Quilt Co, Christina hopes to help others express themselves through quilting. She designs patterns that are fun, easy, and one-of-a-kind. Christina is grateful for the opportunity to share her love for quilting and hopes to inspire others with her work.


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The ever-changing seasons are a beautiful cycle. Nature grows, changes, hibernates and waits patiently, then bursts wildly with new growth and new life. Kind of like our lives in a way. The four quadrants in the Wild Season Quilt pattern represent Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, while the triangles represent the individual beauty each season brings.

After Christina put together the Wildflower Hill Bundle, she knew she wanted to design a pattern that would showcase all the pretty FQs while also staying within the “theme” of the Texas Hill Country. Texas does have 4 distinct seasons. Each season represents different colors. Spring is chartreuse for the yellow-green pollen that floats through the air. Summer is a vibrant gold for the rolling hay fields under the Texas sun. Autumn is deep magenta for the falling leaves and beautiful sunsets. And Winter is a deep bluish-green for the morning frost on the evergreen trees.


Wild Season Quilt