“The patterns of our lives have the capacity to connect deeply within us. They are simple expressions of our joy.”

I grew up snuggled back in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, where my love for patterns started a very long time ago. I spent countless afternoons at my mom’s creative quilt shop, sewing, crafting and falling in love with fabric. A childhood spent with hands in my mother’s fabric stashes quickly turned into dreams of designing my own fabrics.

My husband and I spent a few years tucked away in a little vine covered cottage on the central coast of California, but have recently returned to our roots. We are so happy to be back in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, where we are expecting our first baby this Fall!

I am mostly inspired by the great outdoors, from the largest of trees to the tiniest of leaves. Creating patterns with summery sweet hues is my happy place. I thrive on botanical gardens, sunshiney days, and nature walks- camera in one hand, sketchbook in the other. My goal has always been to create patterns that are organic and natural, joyful and lovely.

I believe patterns are one of the ways that we can express ourselves and make our spaces beautiful. I love to weave parts of my life into each one of them, making the design process and end results very personal and meaningful.






Sophisticated and elegant, designer Bonnie Christine’s collections are delicate and nostalgic, creating beautiful prints that are organic and romantic, transcending time and brightening up the past.


This collection tries to reignite the use of words once forgotten.
Her & History was inspired by stories and memories from our elders.
Inspired by a month long trip living in her family’s vintage camper.
Gathered was inspired by finding joy in the simplest things.


Inspired by Bonnie’s love for her little ones, she illustrates this playful yet delicate collection.
Delicate hues and prints combined on a collection that inspires joy and happiness.
Inspired by the sweetness of swans, feathered fellows and garden blooms.
Bonnie creates a world where dreams of a magical place come to life.


Succulents represent the ability to thrive and constantly create new growth.
Traditional floral patterns are re-imagined with an earthy, artful romance.
This collection inspires all to see the outdoors through a new set of eyes.
Winged represents a season’s fresh beginnings and the dawn of a new day.


Explore nature, where birds fly free & the honey is extra sweet.
Inspired by simple moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty.