“Color is of the utmost importance in design.”

I was born and raised in Chicago, but decided to move to Scottsdale, Arizona with my two teenage daughters: Anna and Emily, and my husband Kevin to stay closer to my family.

I have been passionate about design for as long as I can remember. As a child, my mother would paint and craft, so it was only a natural progression that I would inherit her love of crafting. I began crafting and creating jewelry, but when I first learned to sew I knew I had found my passion. I was hooked on it. That obsession is what inspired my own handmade handbag business and my first book: Inspired to Sew.

My style is rather eclectic, and has grown over the years into what you see today. While I love vintage and soft designs, I am constantly drawn to color and bold prints which are very modern, as well as mixing the two for surprising combinations. I don’t hold back when it comes to mixing fabric prints and colors. The world around me inspires me…. I look at photos and imagine faraway places. I see a color and that inspires a whole collection. I am a color junkie.

It was my love for fabric that got me back into graphic design and specifically textile design. In 2009, I created my first fabric line, Full Bloom. Since then, four additional lines proceeded. Due to their popularity, they were featured in magazines including Accessories, Romantic Homes, Quilts and More, Studios, Belle Armoire, and many more. LillyBelle being my first one with Art Gallery Fabrics ®.



With an eye for the vintage-eclectic, Bari J. designs collections that take you back to a period in time where poise and elegance were at its peak. The intricacy of her designs will leave you speechless and her use of color and florals give life and meaning to her coined term “funky vintage”.


Eve represents the beautiful qualities of being a woman.
Embellished with eye-catching florals mixed with midcentury geometrics.
A free verse of painterly prints, Bloomsbury is an ode to artists and writers.
Bold floral prints are mixed with harmonious geometrics symbolizing the arc of a story.


Indigo & Aster brings together animal friends crowned in blooming florals.
Wild Bloom is an expression of Bari J’s endless love for flowers.
Bari J. plays homage to her current home state, Arizona through her lively maximalist style.
Bari J. combines her signature style with abundant vibrant gem colors.


Inspired by her grandmother, Millie, to whom she was very close to as a child.
Kind-hearted and free spirited, Anna Elise enjoys the world around her.
Petal & Plume centers on a majestic and colorful symbol.
Inspired by Bari J’s daughters, Emmy Grace reminisces on their childhoods.


A collection from the imagined life of a traveling free spirit and her caravan.
A modern mix of florals and art deco inspired by the high society of the 1920s.
A romantic, French-inspired collection of lush gardens with exotic florals.