AGF Studio Fabric Collections



Wrap your world in warmth with ‘Snuggles’ by AGF Studio! Dive into the playful, cozy paradise of all-flannel fabrics designed for kids, and kids at heart! Embrace the cuddly vibes and unleash your imagination—because being cozy has never been so much fun!

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Step into a winter wonderland with ‘Christmas in the Cabin’ by AGF Studio. This retro collection channels the 1940s, evoking a nostalgic, cozy holiday spirit that’ll fill your creations with wintery cheer!

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of harmonious blues and textures with InkPerfect: Indigo Edition. Unveil this captivating collection that celebrates handcrafted traditions and artisanal excellence. Let each thread weave a tale of timeless beauty.

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Welcome to MonsterVille, where monsters mix, and mischief meets colorful, quirky dreams! Unleash your inner monstie, grab a handful of monstrous munchies, and rock on with furry friends as they throw the most rad parade. Join the festivities of fabulous fuzz and wacky wonders!

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Get ready to fall head over heels in love on Valentine’s Day with our playful and edgy collection. Let the stunning hues of soft pinks, bold reds, and warm creams ignite your creative passion and sweep you off your feet. It’s time to create something truly unforgettable!

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Each collection tells a story that is unique to its own mood and palette. Whether you enjoy the style of exotic, eclectic prints or something more innocent and sweet, you can always find that fabric that compliments your personality. These are the collections designed by the AGF In-House Studio.


Bite size collections featuring prints from AGF designers arranged in conceptual themes.
A world where the best textile trends have been encapsulated with our amazing quality and softness.
Dancing bats and glowing jack-o-lanterns light the way for one last All Hallows’ Eve.
Express your love of sewing with these crisp and fun prints with spontaneity and playfulness.


Swing into spring with bold florals and groovy prints in Flower Bloom.
Deep through the woods lies hidden Hazelwood, revealing glowing enchantment from the forest world.
Christmas has arrived in the city, and Santa is here to spread merry and cheer!
Peppermint and friends enjoy the very spookiest of Halloween nights.


Walk through the paths of an endearing meadow where you’ll enjoy a romantic picnic.
Periwinkle will make you look back on happy nostalgic memories.
Embrace the most wonderful things that come with the fall season.
Spooky ‘n Sweet just got a little sweeter for this collection!


Transport yourself straight into a 1960’s mid-summer paradise!
Travel to western South America in our collection, Andina!
Fulfill your floral addiction with The Flower Society by AGF Studio.
Walk by the stars and a sky drawn with flowers in this mystical world.


Bring the garden into your home with delicate and cheerful florals.
A windfall of eclectic and bold geometric lines enhanced by opulent florals.
Spooky ‘n Sweet is all about celebrating the magic of Halloween!
Inspired by folkloric and stitching motifs, you’ll discover flowers, rabbits and june bugs.


A dream of softness, our AGF rayon is 100% natural and perfect for your best apparel sewing.
Illustrated children playing with primary shapes and colours inspire adventure.
Earth inspires us with its playful creatures and extensive foliage in Selva.
Delicate blooms adorn Miss Ditzy’s neighborhood in warm autumn tones and icy blue breeze.


The beauty of sophistication connected with the perfect amount of simplicity.
Pastel color prints and a mixture of inspirational relics found in thrifting.
This collection narrates a story of innocent and up-beat lyrics.
Energetic strokes in saturated colors add to this sugarcoated palette.


We have materialized our love to create, and given life to our Maker collection.
Submerge yourself in this pedaling adventure on this collection.
Delicate prints evolve into rich floral with this rejuvenating collection.
Sweet musings & darling bunnies that capture child-like innocence.


AGF’s all around prints in an assortment of gorgeous colors.
MODERN. SIMPLE. GEOMETRIC. Four tonal color stories of trendy patterns.
An modern collection of aqua & mauve that inspires you to create.
Cottage style gets redefined in this flower-infused collection.


A melody of delicate prints and enticing colors.
An exotic mix of rich colors and ethnic prints.
A sophisticated, English-inspired collection.
Liberty-like prints in soft, girly palettes.


A modern and delightful look with soft and gentle tones.
An earthy, organic style with a vibrant twist.
An elegant array of oriental-inspired prints.
A refreshing splash of playful shapes and juicy colors.


100% PREMIUM Cotton | 44/45″ (114 cm) Wide | Imported


FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children’s sleepwear.