Welcome to the world of AGF modern fabrics.

AGF fabrics are known for their exceptional quality and innovative designs. We strive every day to provide you the best quality designer modern fabrics that will inspire you to make beautiful sewing and quilting projects. Here you’ll find a wide selection of vibrant contemporary fabrics featuring a variety of styles and themes. Feel free to browse through all the substrates we currently offer:

100% PIMA quilting cotton – the favorite substrate for all modern quilters.
Knit fabric – soft and stretchy, perfect for garment makers.
Voile and Rayon – two substrates that are soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable – ideal for lightweight garments.
Canvas fabric – durable and sturdy for structured projects and upholstery yet soft enough for garments.
Denim fabric – The reinvention of a quintessential American fabric through a variety of textures, prints, and weights. This is one of the most versatile substrates for creating timeless apparel and home decor.

Fabric Collections
Cotton Fabric Collection

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Canvas Fabric Collection

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Elements Fabric Collection


The Denim Studio

The Denim Studio Fabric Collection

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Coming Soon Fabric Collection