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Taking inspiration from the world around her, Pat Bravo designs collections that will set you on a journey around the globe. Her designs speak different languages and teach us the boundless possibilities of colors and patterns. With her designs you will break the chains of the traditional and venture into a world ruled by elegance, sophistication, and vibrant color.

  • Heartland by by Pat Bravo
    COMING SOON! Pat's signature flowers and delicate homey designs arise on this collection.
  • NEW! Three tonal color stories with Pat’s signature patterns.
  • Travel to a time decorated with pieces of Pop art and clean bold shapes
  • Artisan is a mix of etching florals, wood carving and denim rustic textures .
  •  A collection that captures the ethnic expression through a medley of etchings.
  •  This vintage-inspired collection invites you to connect the past and future.
  • Pat's most versatile prints come together in trendy yet timeless palettes.
  •   Be fearless! Be bold! Wear your
    heart on your sleeve with this bright collection!
  • Flower Power! Peace & Love!
    This is the signature of this colorful line!
  • Girly Girl turns into Wild Child
    in this daring collection.
  • "Back to the roots" beauty with
    globally-inspired prints in an eclectic palette.
  • Get swept away by
    this naive, romantic collection.
  • An eclectic collection
    of Scandinavian prints in bright tones.
  • A magical mix
    of exotic florals in hypnotic colors.
  • An artful pairing
    of tribal and bold floral prints.
  • An elegant Moroccan
    inspired collection.
  • Seductive prints
    with a Parisian flair.
  • An intricate collection
    with a vintage feel.
  • Retro-pop prints
    in alluring candy colors.
  • Art Nouveau prints
    in two luscious palettes.
  • Dress your little ones
    with this romantic collection.
  • A more vibrant take
    on the original Alhambra collection.
  • Soothing colors
    to lift up your spirit.
  • Inspired by the beauty
    found in nature.
  • An exquisite mix of Eastern
    inspired prints in fun colors.
  • Oriental typography prints
    in a hand-stamped metallic look.
  • An imaginary trip to India
    with exotic florals and scrolls.
  • A romantic collection
    for all Shabby Chic lovers.
  • A concept similar to Feelings I in a
    chocolate palette with soft greens and blues.
  • Motivational and uplifting quotes
    in a luscious berry palette.
  • Colors that transport you to the golden sun
    over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Go back in time with this
    delicate 40s collection.
  • A relaxing collection in soft,
    soothing tones.
  • Experience the comfort and elegance
    of this Asian-inspired collection.
  • The past gets revisited
    in this colorful collection.
  • A playful and bubbly
    mix of swirly flowers.
  • Cutting-edge oriental designs
    in sophisticated colors.

100% PIMA Cotton  |  44/45" (114 cm) Wide  | Imported 

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  • FABRIC CARE Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach.
    Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Fabrics are not intended for children's sleepwear.